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Fabric and Leather Samples- updated August 10, 2013

Fabrics-   use these as a guide for requesting actual fabric samples. Colors vary from these sample pictures, especially from monitor to monitor. Remember there is an inherent difference between a picture which is backlit (monitor) and reflectively lit (printed picture).

**"Customers Own Material" (COM) is welcome. There is no price reduction due to several factors: we are tracking and dealing with an unfamiliar fabric and supplier. It may have unfamiliar application qualities, as well as being difficult to replace or add to if necessary. In other words it is more work for us.

You may peruse the fabric and recycled Leather collections at Charlotte Fabrics and order using the fabric ID number. Please note- there are many duplicate names and we must have the number! Charlotte fabrics.com

*Leathers have an additional cost. We use Swedish leathers from Elmo in four colors from the  Elmobaltique  collection. Elmobaltique and Elmosft leathers are known for the characteristic features of the natural hide such as visible insect-bites and scars from healed wounds. The grain of the leather varies in structure and it offers extraordinary comfort with extraordinary softness. If you wish a totally clean and consistent yet leather look we have recycled leathers available in all the same colors (unlike genuine leather, recycled leather has no additional cost). For a selection of custom leather colors and textures visit Elmo Leathers, and remember we need the ID number of the leather you are interested in.*

Laying out a hide
*We obtain our leathers in full cowhides which vary in the yield of seats per hide. Typically a hide yields from 6-11 chair seats, largely dependant on the shape. If you want to order a custom leather we will ask you to purchase the entire hide. We can always order extra and return an uncut and unopened hide, but are unable to use non standard colors at a later date.
Seats layout
**If supplying your own fabric: The fabric must be 25" wide on Rockers and dining side chairs, 27" wide on dining arm chairs between the arms and 24" deep on all chairs. 

Camel Scroll Wine Tamarack Azure
cadet cafe Nutmeg Chocolate Stripe
Willow Chambray Marine Backtrack Federal
Clay Cypress Atlantic Matt Moss
  Leather Chestbnut Walnut Leather Black Leather

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