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   Our Furniture Is Green

For decades we have cared and taken action on our beliefs. Not because "Green" is in. Because it's the right thing to do and what the entire world needs.
We deal with small, local sawmills and avoid long distance transport where possible.
100% of our power comes from renewable sources.
80% of our employees bike to work or use mass transit.
We are pioneering the Bellingham Zero Waste for businesses campaign (and it works!)
We use an all electric car (not just a hybrid) and bikes for transportation in town.
We transport our furniture with a high efficiency bio-diesel van.
We remodeled an existing building for our new shop which only uses 60% of the electricity our old shop used (but is larger)
Smaller products and parts are produced out of our wood off-cuts so that nothing of the tree is wasted.
Some of our lumber is certified, but our small mills and loggers are not able to meet the certification cost. However, in our work with them we have found them keenly reverent for the forest and its most responsible stewards.
We are a B Corporation "elect" (accepted but still in the legal modification stage). All this because it's been the right thing to do for the past 25 years.