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Greg Aanes Furniture: Employment with us

We are a fast paced production shop consistently producing at an unusually high quality level.  When it works we use the principles of "lean" manufacturing, which Greg discovered working alone in his garage in the early 80's.  While some "lean" principles are not what they are cracked up to be, other principles are fundamental to our operation.  Because we are a very high quality production shop versus custom one off, we have developed many specialized procedures and machinery, however none of them are short cuts in quality.  Our quality is recognized as some of the best in the country.  Just as we figure out how to make furniture efficiently, we have also figured out how to incorporate quality standards that many shops cannot achieve.    

Summer 2012

While we have a stable crew, occasionally we must hire due to expansion or someone retiring. Please furnish a complete resume and feel free to call Greg at (360)389-2714.

Our positions include: wage DOE, health insurance, SIMPLE IRA, vacation/holiday pay

Typical job description:

Tool use includes common hand tools such as drills, routers and sanders as well as large machinery such as bandsaw, manual shaper, double head automatic shaper, planer, jointer, table saw, contour sanders, mortiser, tenoner, and CNC router

Responsibilities: Upholstery, sanding (we all sand here), shipping, prep milling of wood, machining parts, joinery set up, pre-sanding on machines (pump drum, contour sander), assembly, final sanding and finishing. Everyone does everything here although we each drift into our areas of natural expertise. 

Advanced responsibilities include reading shop drawings, monitoring inventories, organizing assembly batches, looking ahead and planning

Knowledge and understanding of "lean", and desire to find a better way are very important. Wood or cabinet shop experience is desired. If lacking actual paid wood shop experience then knowing how to work in teams, understand work flow, quality standards, and organizing your work is crucial.  In other words, we'd like it if you could come in and start building furniture immediately, but most importantly we'd like to find the right person who is ambitious and will be able to assume responsibility and grow into a guiding role in our company.