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           Building Furniture  

We use locally grown and sawn  Maple


Shaping on the Shaper

Shapes are cut on the Shaper with our specially designed jigs  

Fitting Arms  

Shaping and sanding the arms of the Brendan Rocker require years of experienceSanding Arms

Bellingham showroom hours 10am-5pm Monday through  Friday, or call for an after hours appointment


Map to our 2109 Queen Street Workshop-Store




Cherry Boards
Our Cherry comes from Western Pennsylvania

Mango Boards

The finish is pre-catalyzed lacaquer (not to be confused with the regular lacquers twenty years ago) except for Catalyzed Urethane on tabletops.


We make our parts for each order. Trying to inventory all parts for each item in each wood results in having a lot of what we don't need and not having what we do need so we have developed a "lean" operation where we make only what is needed.