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   Bellingham showroom hours 10am-5pm Monday through  Friday, or call 360-389-2714 for an after hours appointment.

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From the Beginning

My wood beginnings were as a finish carpenter on high-end houses in Aspen, Colorado in the 70s, and later was fortunate enough to work with a Norwegian immigrant furniture maker. Even as a child growing up in Eastern Iowa I loved visiting Amish furniture shops, finding the endless variety of wood fascinating. Moving to the the Northwest in 1980 and working in local cabinet shops supported the opening of my first shop in 1981. I have always been largely self-taught through observation and experimentation, but once I focused on the goal of making furniture as a career began taking workshops with furniture makers such as James Krenov, Thomas Moser, and Isaburo Kawada. In 1997 that first tiny shop in the woods of Whatcom County evolved into a 4,000 sq. ft shop of five woodworkers in downtown Bellingham, Washington. Too small after less than a year it took until 2009 to move into an 8,000 sq ft shop in central Bellingham with the same number of employees in 2009. That illustrates how crowded we were previously!

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To me furniture design is an echo of tradition best expressed in organic lines. Customers often speak of my furniture as going well with many existing styles. A professor of design at Western Washington University identified five styles all working well together in the Brendan Rocker. Yet my furniture has its own identity of graceful lines, reverence for wood, and appropriateness to people. This look is best defined as the 'Northwest Style.'

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Greg Aanes Furniture is located 90 miles north of Seattle and 55 miles south of Vancouver British Columbia. Our furniture is sold through high-quality galleries nationally and internationally, as well as several premier fine craft shows a year, principally on the west coast. Our workshop/store is open throughout the year in Bellingham. Local Street Directions ------State Map.

Coming Soon- how we price our furniture. An explanation of what goes into it and discussion of how offshore companies can charge the prices they do!

Created, owned and operated by Greg our shop is a diverse group with many talents individually and even more collectively. We thrive on challenge, solutions and hard work. Each of us does everything from sanding, milling, assembly, and finishing to answering the phone.

Our energies have been in chairs since 1984, with much of that time spent refining the Brendan Rocker and The Pacific Dining Chair. Esthetics, ergonomics, and woodworking are all equally important in this challenging furniture genre. Craftsmanship of the hand is crucial to our furniture, particularly in assembly and finishing. However we use modern technology (primarily in the milling of the parts) to keep the price affordable as well as limiting wear and tear on our aging bodies. Many of our machines we designed and built for specific processes in the shop. In the year 2000 we re-entered the broader furniture market with several dining and end table designs.  Go to Furniture.

Please do not hesitate to call us up and chat. When you invest in our work you are investing in heirloom furniture built with true modern American craftsmanship. Your satisfaction is our goal.

North Cascades and the San Juan Islands, from which I draw much of my inspiration.